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3 Science Theories That Are Super-Hard To Understand

science theories

Science has always had us entertained and baffled at the same time. Regardless of whether you like it or not, certain facts still have us stuck to science, and it makes us wonder at its amazement. Science has always taught us a lot is things and to our wonder, there are still a lot of facts that we do not know. So here are some of the things that you probably didn’t know earlier and will also make you feel ashamed of that.

Thermodynamic Equilibrium:

The whole concept of three states that are ever present fails here. All of know that there are three different states in which substances can exist, and that is solid, liquid, and gaseous state. There are substances that can turn into all these three forms, but that cannot happen at the same time. This is the truth, and this is what we have believed so far. But there is more to that truth. There is something called the triple point, and at that point, water can both boil and turn into ice. Weird, is it? It can happen at a pressure point where the temperature for three states is the same at a given pressure level. This is one fact that most people died without knowing all their lives.

The black hole shall be a mystery:

black hole

The more you start learning about the Blackhole the more you fail to understand it. Have you ever wondered what happens to celestial bodies if they are swallowed by the black hole? We are here to explain that to you. When a star gets trapped in a Blackhole, the starbursts open since there are no living conditions for a star in it. However, while few parts fall into the black hole, the others will explode as they are spewed out. This can create a red magma like wave causing a red sea in the solar system.

A pinhole will be a good substitute for glasses:

A pinhole is nothing but a partition that you create with your hand by closing your fingers to your palms and making a hole that can help you see through it. If there is too much of light in a particular space that disturbs your vision, or if you have forgotten your glasses at home this can help you out to get at least 80% of the vision that you otherwise might not get.

This is one this thing that always scientists wonder about:

So are you expecting us to talk something about space and complex physics theory? No, we are going to talk about something as simple as the development of an embryo into a baby, or is that what we think. We say it is simple, but you must see a clip of how an embryo develops into a baby. You will simply fall in love with the whole idea. But it is so complex that you will never say an A-Z theory of what happens after what.

4 Reason Why We Must Explore More Of The Space


Science is a field that carries a lot of mysteries in it, and that is the reason why a large number of us love science even if we haven’t scored well in the subject during our school days. The best and the most unexplored part about science is the space science that forms the major part of the universe and life cannot exist without the concept of space and all of it that is in the universe. But a lot of us still have a feeling that space is one part that we haven’t explored. As a result of that, we are missing out on a lot of facts. Of course, there is an extensive search that is happening, but that is not enough to take the world further. So here are the top 4 reasons why you will have to explore space.

More learning:

It is one of the most obvious and the basic reasons for exploration. The more you explore, the more you learn. Education in that field plays a major role, and more exploration makes the education curve shift to get a better perspective. We are already aware of the fact that a lot of things that we know about science are myths and it is better that we learn it the right way.

Possibilities of life outside earth:

outside earth

Life outside earth has always been a debatable topic. In case if we seriously explore the earth and space outside, there are good chances that we good chances that we find some space to live outside the earth. Also, because of the fact that the earth is overpopulated, it is better that we move out. To make this is a serious goal, it is better that we make this is a serious task and find the space outside earth and move in and live.

Natural resources:

This shall be one of the serious motivations that we have. We have already talked about over-population that is prevailing on earth, and that automatically means that we will run out of the earth’s resources as well. In case if we explore the space there are two benefits, we will first understand the availability of the natural resources and also have a space to move out. One ideal way to lead a life outside the earth that we have been living in so far.

Better research:

Better research is always helpful to make the earth a better place to live. Again the reasons are intertwined. The NASA is spending tonnes of money on space rockets and shuttles. If you can understand the space better, it will be helpful for NASA to make better investments on space rockets and shuttles.

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